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The Sherman Township Fire Station delivers the services necessary to minimize the loss of life and property threatened by the hazards of fire, medical and rescue emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and disaster situations in our community. Other responsibilities include public education to our citizens and community, such as fire extinguisher education and First Aid / CPR training.

The Sherman Township Fire Station is a 16 member volunteer Fire Department, providing services to the Linwood, Sherman and Bonner Springs sections of the community since 1944. Our department takes EMS calls, we have 8 EMTs and 2 First Responders. The department serves a community of about 7,000 residents in a 48 square mile area from 142nd - 214th street and K-32 to Hemphill.

Volunteer fire fighters are required to have the same state certification and training hours as career firefighters.

Sherman Township Fire Station
16935 Kreider Rd.
Linwood, KS 66052

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Volunteer firefighters have played and continue to play an invaluable role in protecting lives and property. According to the National Fire Council, volunteer fire departments make up 73% of firefighters in the United States.